Frequently Asked Questions


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Do I need a ticket to attend the Queen’s Plate Racing Festival?

Yes, a ticket is required to attend the event. The various ticket types include: General Admission Pass, Grandstand Pass, Garden Social Pass and Premium Pass. Please note children 6 years old and younger receive free admission, however some age-based restrictions, such as access to the gaming floor may apply.

How can I purchase tickets?

You can purchase tickets online through Ticketmaster’s website, or in person at the Guest Experience Central desk on level two of the Woodbine Racetrack grandstand.

What are the benefits included in each ticket type?

Please refer to the Tickets section ( for a full breakdown of the benefits for each ticket type.

Can I purchase tickets at the gate?

Yes, subject to availability.  If tickets remain on event day they may be purchased at the on-site ticket office. We recommend purchasing tickets as early as possible to get the best available seats at the lowest available prices.

Can I upgrade my ticket to a higher priced category after I purchase it?

Yes, you can upgrade your ticket to a higher-priced ticket category by calling Ticketmaster at 1-855-955-4357.  A fee of $10 applies to all upgrades.

Can I transfer a ticket online to someone else after I purchase it?

Yes, you can transfer a ticket purchased online to someone else by e-mail.  Once the transferred ticket is scanned the old/original ticket becomes void.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Only debit card and credit card are accepted in person at Guest Experience Central desk.  Only credit cards are accepted for online purchases through

How will I receive my tickets after I purchase them?

If purchasing a ticket online you will receive them via e-mail from Ticketmaster.  If purchasing in person from the Guest Experience Central desk at Woodbine Racetrack, you will receive a hardcopy ticket.

What comprises the price of a ticket?

The ticket price consists of the base admission fee plus taxes, but does not include Ticketmaster service charges and the per order handling fee.

What do I do if my ticket is lost or stolen?

Lost tickets may be replaced by contacting Ticketmaster. Tickets are only replaced upon the direct request of the original purchaser with proof of purchase that can be traced back to a specific transaction. When tickets are replaced, new tickets will be reprinted and the lost tickets voided. Therefore, the old/original tickets will be denied entry in to the grandstand. Anyone who knowingly or unknowingly gains entry with tickets believed to be counterfeit, stolen, void or other invalid tickets may be ejected from the facility and will have their tickets revoked with no compensation. Guests are advised to purchase tickets only from authorized outlets.

Can I move from section to section in the grandstand or to an empty seat elsewhere in the grandstand?

All guests must hold a valid ticket at all times and are only permitted to sit in their ticketed seats. Guests may be requested by any staff member at any time to show their ticket. Anyone who is unable to show a valid ticket may be ejected from the grandstand and will have their tickets revoked with no compensation.

Can I bring a folding chair if I purchase a General Admission ticket?

Folding chairs are not permitted on site on Saturday, June 27.

When can I purchase tickets at the Guest Experience Central desk?

You can purchase tickets at the Guest Experience Central desk between 11:00 am – 11:00 pm. seven days of the week.


Will the event be cancelled if there is rain?

No, the festival will proceed rain or shine.

What time do the gates open?

The gates will open at 11 a.m.

What accessible seating options are available for guests at Queen’s Plate Racing Festival?

Accessible seating is located on the east side of the second floor grandstand. If you would like assistance securing these seats, please contact us at 1-888-238-6543 ext. 12389. We would be happy to help.

Are children allowed to attend the 161st Queen’s Plate Racing Festival?

Yes, children of all ages are welcome at the event. Those 6 years of age and under will receive free General Admission entry. If a grandstand seat is required a ticket must be purchased.

Will there be any activities for children on site?

We are still finalizing programming for 161st Queen’s Plate Racing Festival and will announce any details as they become available.

Is there a family section in the grandstand?

No, there is no designated family section.  While children 6 years of age and younger receive free general admission to the grounds, they will require a paid ticket to sit in grandstand.  Children older than the age of 6 year require a paid ticket. Some age-based restrictions, such as access to the gaming floor, may apply.

Can I bring a stroller to the festival?

Unfortunately, storage space is not available for strollers, so we recommend you keep them in your vehicle.

Is cigarette smoking, vaping and cannabis smoking permitted on the grounds and/or in the grandstand?

Cigarette smoking and vaping are not permitted on the grounds, except in designated smoking areas.  Cannabis use is not permitted anywhere on the Woodbine Racetrack grounds.

Can people bring support animals onto the grounds?

Support animals are permitted on the grounds.

What is the policy around filming and recording the festival?

On-flash still photography and small handheld video cameras are permitted. Still photos or video must be for personal use only. Tripods, selfie sticks and/or monopods as well as wearable, or “GoPro”, cameras are not permitted.

Can I re-enter the Hats and Horseshoes Party area after exiting it?

Yes, re-entry is allowed. Guests will need to have their ticket in their possession to return to the grounds.

Where can I park?

Regular parking is free and available on the grounds in designated areas.  Please check back on the Queen’s Plate website for a map demarcating lot locations.  Valet parking is available for $35.