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The Dreamboats

About The Dreamboats

The Dreamboats are bringing back good ol’ Rock n’ Roll! With a sound that is equal parts Chuck Berry & The Wonders, this quartet of handsome young Canadian boys delivers a high energy, nostalgic show that has audiences dancing and singing the night away! After international tours in both Europe and California, the young and energetic Dreamboats are ready to bring their show to Ontario and dazzle audiences with their favourite jukebox classics, mixed with their award-winning music inspired by the 50s and 60s sound that they adore. Their on-stage antics are complimented by tales from their adventures on the road: from performing at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool, England (where the Beatles cut their teeth) to hearing how Rock n’ Roll came to Canada, first-hand, from the legendary Ronnie Hawkins, to swimming in Elvis Presley’s pool! The Dreamboats are bringing this timeless music forward for an older generation to remember, and a younger generation to discover.