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Board of Directors

Jim Lawson

Jim Lawson

Executive Chair,
Woodbine Entertainment Group

Hugh Mitchell

Lead Director, Woodbine Entertainment Group
(Former) President, Western Fair District

Blake Tohana

Blake Tohana

Chief Financial Officer,
9 Story Media Group​​​​​​​​

Bob Aziz Bio Pic


Chief Operating Officer,
Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System

Edward C. Hannah

Founding Partner,
Karama Investment Partnership

Michael Lay member of the Board of Directors of Woodbine Entertainment

Michael Lay

Managing Partner & Co-Head,

Jaime Ruth, board of director at Woodbine Entertainment

Jaime Roth

LNJ Foxwood Stables

Marvin Katz, board of director at Woodbine Entertainment

Marvin Katz

President and Co-Founder KG Group

Scott Mitchell, Managing Partner/CEO Hamilton Sports Group, as board of directors for Woodbine Entertainment

Scott Mitchell

Managing Partner / CEO Hamilton Sports Group

Brad Grant, a leading Standardbred owner and breeder, as member of the board of directors of Woodbine Entertainment

Brad Grant

Standardbred Owner and Breeder

Mark Saunders, Former Police Chief

Mark Saunders

Former Chief of Police



Audit Committee

  • B. Tohana – Chair
  • E.C. Hannah​
  • H. Mitchell
  • S. Mitchell

Governance & Compliance Committee

  • R.M Aziz – Chair
  • H. Mitchell
  • M. Saunders

People and Culture Committee

  • M. Lay – Chair
  • B. Tohana
  • J. Roth
  • M. Saunders
  • B. Grant

Thoroughbred Racing Committee   

  • J.J. Lawson – Chair
  • R.M. Aziz
  • H. Mitchell
  • M. Lay
  • J. Roth
  • S. Mitchell
  • Y. Schwabe (Non-Director Member)

Standardbred Racing Committee

  • H. Mitchell – Chair
  • J.J. Lawson
  • E.C. Hannah
  • M. Katz
  • M. Saunders

Property Development Committee

  • B. Aziz
  • M. Lay
  • E.C. Hannah
  • J. Lawson
  • M. Katz
  • W. Fleissig (Non-Director Member)

Corporation’s Lead Independent Director

  • H. Mitchell

Honorary Directors

  • Dr. J.G. Brown
  • M.R. Frostad
  • D.S. Willmot
  • C. Horner
  • J. Fielding
  • D. Millard
  • B. Hutzel