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Jackpot Hi-5

What is the Jackpot Hi-5?

The Jackpot Hi-5 is essentially a bet where the bettor must select the top 5 finishers in a race in the correct order, with one twist:

There is a full guarantee plus a JACKPOT CARRYOVER that will pay out if and when only one (1) single winning ticket exists.

If multiple winning tickets exist, 50% of today’s guarantee will be paid as a consolation, and the remainder will be added into the carryover guarantee. If no winners exist, the full guarantee will be added to the carryover for the next available guarantee. The carryover will continue to grow until a single ticket wins. This guarantee will be offered in the last race of every Woodbine Thoroughbred and Standardbred card of racing!


  • Carryover and single-ticket winner offers a HUGE potential for payouts!
  • $0.20 low bet minimums, more combos in the guarantee to make you a winner!
  • A low Takeout of 15%!

Learn more about CPMA’s Pari-Mutuel Betting Supervision regulations and ARCI model rules.

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