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‘Can-Am Pick 4’ riding high into Week Four

April 11, 2019

MILTON, April 11, 2019 – Popularity of the ‘Can-Am Pick 4’ continues to grow, as the Woodbine Mohawk Park and The Meadowlands multi-leg wager resumes this Friday.

Last week’s ‘Can-Am Pick 4’ pool of $65,235 was the largest since the debut of the wager on March 22. This week will mark the fourth edition of the ‘Can-Am’ and horseplayers can expect another solid pool and payout.

The ‘Can-Am Pick 4’ has produced an average pool size of $59,032 and $0.20 payout of $475.44 over three editions.

This week’s ‘Can-Am Pick 4’ sequence will follow the format of the previous three by launching on Race 10 at Woodbine Mohawk Park and concluding on Race 11 at The Meadowlands.

Leg One: Woodbine Mohawk Park – Race 10
Leg Two: The Meadowlands – Race 10
Leg Three: Woodbine Mohawk Park – Race 11
Leg Four: The Meadowlands – Race 11

Handicapping experts from Woodbine Mohawk Park and The Meadowlands have once again chimed in with their selections for this Friday’s edition of the ‘Can-Am Pick 4’.

Mark McKelvie of Woodbine and Dave Little of The Meadowlands posted winning tickets for last week’s ‘Can-Am Pick 4’. The payout for last week’s ‘Can-Am Pick 4’ was $244.20 for a $1 winning ticket ($48.84 for $0.20 ticket).

Horseplayers can download the program pages for the ‘Can-Am Pick 4’ by clicking here.


Mark McKelvie 
Leg One: 6,8,9
Leg Two: 3,4,5,6,8
Leg Three: 2,3,7,9
Leg Four: 2,9
Cost: $24

Chad Rozema 
Leg One: 8,9
Leg Two: 3,5
Leg Three: 2,3,5,7
Leg Four: 2
Cost: $3.20

Jason Portuondo 
Leg One: 6,8,9
Leg Two: 3,4,5,6
Leg Three: 5
Leg Four: 2,4,9
Cost: $7.20


Dave Brower 
Leg One: 4,6,9
Leg Two: 3
Leg Three: 2,5,9
Leg Four: ALL
Cost: $18

Bob Heyden 
Leg One: 3,7,8
Leg Two: 3,5,7
Leg Three: 2,3,4,9,10
Leg Four: 2,6,9
Cost: $27

Dave Little 
Leg One: 6,8,9
Leg Two: 3,5,6,8
Leg Three: 2,3,7
Leg Four: 2,4,8,9
Cost: $28.80

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