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‘Can-Am Pick 4’ charges into Week Two

March 28, 2019

MILTON, March 28, 2019 – The second edition of the ‘Can-Am Pick 4’ at Woodbine Mohawk Park and The Meadowlands is set for this Friday and coming in hot after a strong debut.

The inaugural ‘Can-Am Pick 4’ was contested last Friday and generated a pool of $57,489. Horseplayers that connected on the multi-leg wager scored $2,982.55 for a $1 winning ticket.

The ‘Can-Am Pick 4’ requires horseplayers to select the winners of two races at Woodbine Mohawk Park and two races at The Meadowlands. The wager features a $0.20 minimum and a low 15 per cent takeout.

This week’s ‘Can-Am Pick 4’ sequence will follow the same schedule as last week’s, with the wager starting on Race 10 at Woodbine Mohawk Park and concluding on Race 11 at The Meadowlands.

Leg One: Woodbine Mohawk Park – Race 10
Leg Two: The Meadowlands – Race 10
Leg Three: Woodbine Mohawk Park – Race 11
Leg Four: The Meadowlands – Race 11

Several experts from Woodbine and The Meadowlands have once again provided their ‘Can-Am Pick 4’ tickets for this week’s wager.

Horseplayers can find this week’s expert selections below.

To download a free program for this Friday’s card, click here.

Post time for Friday’s card at Woodbine Mohawk Park is 7:10 p.m.

Team Woodbine

Jason Portuondo 
Leg One: 6
Leg Two: 5,8,9
Leg Three: 5,7,10
Leg Four: 2,3,6,7,10
Cost: $9

Dawn Lupul 
Leg One: 1,2,6
Leg Two: 5,6,9
Leg Three: 7
Leg Four: 2,3,10
Cost: $5.40

Mark McKelvie 
Leg One: 2,4,6
Leg Two: 2,8,9
Leg Three: 5,6,7,8
Leg Four: 7
Cost: $7.20

Team Meadowlands

Dave Brower 
Leg One: 1,3,5,6
Leg Two: 9
Leg Three: 1,7,10
Leg Four: 1,2,3,6,7
Cost: $12

Jessica Otten 
Leg One: 1,2,3,6
Leg Two: 2,4,6,9
Leg Three: 2,5,7
Leg Four: 5,7,9
Cost: $28.80

Peter Kleinhans 
Leg One: 1,2,4
Leg Two: 4,5,6,9
Leg Three: 5
Leg Four: 7
Cost: $2.40

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