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Jackpot Hi-5 hit Saturday for $165,947.62 (USD)

October 22, 2018

MILTON, October 22, 2018 – A photo-finish for Win between two of the longest shots on the board in Saturday’s final-race helped paved the way for a lucky horseplayer to take down the Jackpot Hi-5.

Just a single-winning ticket was able to correctly select the top-five finishers in order from Saturday’s tenth-race. The winning ticket was purchased by a TVG customer via OGA (Oregon Hub).

The winning horseplayer took down the entire Jackpot for a huge score of $165,947.62 (USD).

The winning ticket was a $0.20 base bet 2,4/8/2,9/3/1,6,10 and cost only $1.80.

The top-five finishers from Saturday’s Jackpot Hi-5 race were as follows:

1st: #4 Pretty Hot (J Harris) – 37/1
2nd: #8 Dazzling Rockette (Ed Hensley) – 45/1
3rd: #2 Ms Mac N Cheese (Louis Philippe Roy) – 2/1
4th: #3 Kiwi Focus N (Phil Hudon) – 5/2
5th: #6 Big Chute (Jonathan Drury) – 7/1

The Jackpot Hi-5 wager requires horseplayers to select the top-five finishers in order. If there are multiple winning tickets on the Jackpot Hi-5, half of that evening’s pool is paid out to the winners, while the other half is added to the Jackpot.

If a horseplayers has the only winning Hi-5 ticket, the horseplayer takes home the entire Jackpot.

The Jackpot Hi-5 features a low 15 per cent takeout and a $0.20 minimum.

Jackpot Hi-5 wagering is available on the final-race of every card of Woodbine Standardbred racing.

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