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Monday Twitter Challenge – Week 5 Results and Standings

November 28, 2017

TORONTO, November 28, 2017 – Each Monday from October 30 to December 18, 2017, @WoodbineSB offers the “Monday Twitter Challenge”.

The “Challenge” is simple. @WoodbineSB will send out a Tweet each Monday afternoon asking Twitter users for their selection to win a specific race on that evening’s program. If the player’s selection finishes 1st they receive 5 points, 2nd they receive 3 points and 3rd they receive 1 point.

The points are tallied each week and following the “Challenge Race” on December 18, the person who has accumlated the most points during the challenge will be declared the winner.

Twitter users can join the challenge at anytime and begin earning points, but submitting a selection each week offers the best chance to accumlate the highest total.

Here are the results for Week 5 (Monday, November 27) and the full standings for the “Monday Twitter Challenge” contest.

Monday, November 27, 2017 – Race 4 (53 players):
1st: #9 Stirling Boudica (5 PTS) – Selected by 14 players
2nd: #6 Judy The Beauty (3 PTS) – Selected by 3 players
3rd: #5 Igocrazy Without U (1 PT) – Selected by 1 player

WEEK 5 RESULTS (Race Replay at bottom of page):




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