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Dachshund Derby

Aug 25, 2018
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This event has occurred in the past.



Experience a new breed of racing at Woodbine! The first annual Dachshund Derby will feature 30 Dachshunds competing for the championship title and $500 grand prize.


Date: Saturday, August 25
Location: E.P. Taylor Turf Course
Race Distance: 25M
Contender Registration: 12:30PM
Approx. Start Time: 1:40PM

3 qualifying heats (10 contenders ea.)
1 championship race

Woodbine live thoroughbred racing at 1PM
Live music by Fraser Melvin Band at 2PM
BBQ on the apron
Kids’ crafts on the apron


30 contenders
Only 1 spot left!
$50 entry fee

The Prizes
1st place: $500 cash
2nd place: $200 cash
3rd place: $100 cash

Plus, all contenders receive a doggy gift bag!

Please read waiver and rules & regulations HERE.

Join the waiting list by registering your dog below or call: (416) 675-7223 ext. 1+2439


PLEASE NOTE: Dogs not participating in Woodbine’s Dachshund Derby will not be permitted onsite.
Participating dogs will not be permitted in the grandstand; all accessible areas are outside the facility.





Age: 2
Weight: 19lb
Type & Colour: Longhaired, black & tan
He enjoys the following activities: 1)staring; 2)staring; 3)sleeping;
4)staring; 5)eating; 6)staring. He likes going for walks when he feels like it, otherwise he can be seen near or on the couch – preferably with a chewstick in his mouth. As a puppy he enjoyed biting your kneecaps, but now he prefers stealing socks and racing around while you try to retrieve them. Arnold’s favourite food is whatever’s closest to his face.


Age: 8 months
Weight: 11lb
Type & Colour: Mini smooth-haired Silver Dapple

He loves snuggles, naps, and the feeling of the wind through his ears when he runs.


Age: n/a
Weight: 12lb
Type & Colour: Mini; short red hair

Ruby is a playful and very loyal girl! Her best friend is her deaf cat sister, Molly. Ruby lives in Niagara on the Lake and enjoys walking to the craft breweries.


Age: 1
Weight: 14lb
Type & Colour: Brown Dapple Tweenie
Norah eagerly awaits her maiden run as a yearling. She is 0/0 so far this year. Norah likes nothing more than a nice roll in the long grass and upping her protein intake by eating worms that she has dug up, just like a robin. When she’s not napping, in preparation for this derby, she enjoys chewing everything her mom owns but only if it’s fine leather.


Age: 2
Weight: n/a
Type & Colour: Black & tan, long-haired
Penny (Penelope) was a rescue originally from a breeder who we took from a bad situation. She is dumb as nails but so cute and has such a personality. Penny is almost 2 years old and lives with her rescue sister who is a Dachshund/Jack Russell mix and her human 13-month-old brother.


Age: 3
Weight: 11lb
Type & Colour: Miniature brown with tan spots
Burley loves to bark at nothing, he also burrows into every basket of clean laundry brought upstairs! Stealing the tennis ball from his girlfriend Paisley is a sport he is using to get into racing shape! Burley knows he is racing his kids…Otis and Margot, but by practising deep meditation by staring at walls…. he feels he can overcome any distraction this might cause!


Age: 2
Weight: 11.5lb
Type & Colour: Short-haired Dapple

Lewis has an extreme fondness for playing fetch and a general disregard for granting personal space. This is his first derby.


Age: 8 months
Weight: 3.9lb
Type & Colour: Miniature blue and tan
Porter lives in Toronto. During the day he works as backyard security guard (pup) protecting his home from birds and squirrels. Like his favourite artist, Drake, he is a Momma’s boy and he is the real 6ix dog. Follow him on Instagram @champagne.popo


Age: 6
Weight: 15lb
Type & Colour: Miniature brown

Gabby is a 6 year old miniature doxie! When she is not snoring super loud, she enjoys running outside, going for long walks and eating lots and lots of food. She also enjoys playing with her miniature brother on weekends!


Age: 3
Weight: 12lb
Type & Colour: Mini short-haired red (brown)

This is the 1st time he’s been part of anything like this. It should be fun. Remy is very well behaved – he goes to the dog park every day. He’s a huge Leafs fan & can’t wait til hockey starts again!


Age: 2.5
Weight: 20.6lb
Type & Colour: Bodach (Boston Terrier / Dachshund mix); Brindle
Gronk was rescued in 2016 from Open Arms Rescue after being surrendered from a puppy mill in Tennessee. Loves to cuddle and is like a ninja when treats are involved.


Age: n/a
Weight: 14lb
Type & Colour: Standard black & tan

Zeus is an adorable black and tan Dachshund who loves long car rides, hunting, and sunbathing on warm days.


Age: 3
Weight: 10lb
Type & Colour: Tan Dachshund / Chihuahua

Willis is 3, he is 1/2 Dachshund and 1/2 Chihuahua… called a Chiweenie. He is the winner of the Weiner Races at Fort Erie.


Age: 1
Weight: 10.5lb
Type & Colour: Miniature black and tan

Otis is 1 year old and LOVES to play fetch.  He is a healthy eater and a very loyal hound.  He has the best personality, extremely friendly and loves to cuddle.


Age: 7 months
Weight: 10lb
Type & Colour: Miniature Dapple

Margo is 7 months old and an extremely loving, friendly, outgoing dog.  She is relentless with playing with her brother.  Margo is also very athletic, fast and can jump extremely high for a Dachshund.


Age: n/a
Weight: 10lb
Type & Colour: Miniature long-haired black & brown Dapple
Paisley Winona is the kindest sweetest little girl… unless you touch her tennis ball.  Then all bets are off! Paisley is excited to be getting back to racing weight after having a litter of 3 beautiful pups on July 26th!  Competing against her pup’s Dad, Burlington Jones and pups from her previous litters (Margot and Otis) has her working hard to compete!!!


Age: 2
Weight: 13lb
Type & Colour: Red long-haired mini

Stella is a wonderful 2 year old, long-haired miniature dachshund.  She’s got an amazing personality and although she may initially be a little shy, we believe she’s got the heart of a winner!


Age: n/a
Weight: 18lb
Type & Colour: Black & tan


Age: 5
Weight: 22.04lb
Type & Colour: Brown standard

Taquito is a 5 year old wiener dog that loves to eat, bark and also chase squirrels. He is very protective and lovable with his owners and friends, and dislikes rapid movements of strangers.


Age: n/a
Weight: 15lb
Type & Colour: Beagle x caramel
Mochi is a caramel cutie with a beagle face. She is very energetic, loving and cuddly. She is loves to play fetch, and she especially loves to eat! She is extraordinary social, her butt always wiggling from her tail wagging too much!


Age: 4
Weight: 19lb
Type & Colour: Black, tan & white

Theo is super friendly and will be turning 4 years old this Saturday.


Age: n/a
Weight: 9.2lb
Type & Colour: Brown mini

With over 24k followers on Instagram @AvaTheHotdog is your friendly neighbourhood goodboy. Weighing just under 10 pounds, she’s a small but feisty off-leash city dweller who adores belly rubs, scrambled eggs & romantic sunset walks in Trinity Bellwood


Age: 6
Weight: 10lb
Type & Colour: Short Hair Black Merle
Quincy AKA BoBo is a 6 Year Old rescue Daschund from Montreal! He listens to both English and French commands. He lives full time on a Horse Farm with lots of space to run! He lives his Wubba, Bones and Sweet Potato treats!!


Age: 8
Weight: 17lb
Type & Colour: Black & tan

Hugo is 8 years old (but a champion racer in his younger years at Wienerfest in Embro, Ontario). He lives in Oakville, ON and loves long hikes and chasing bunnies. And treats. He loves treats.


Age: 4
Weight: 16lb
Type & Colour: Short-haired shaded red
Hi I’m Posie. I’m 4 years old. I can be sweet and I can be spicy. I love my people, but can be spicy to others. Once I warm up to you, I’ll love you forever. Oh – and I’m fast! But I’ve never been in a race before so I’m not sure how I’ll do. If you cheer for me I’ll give you kisses!!!  🙂


Age: One and a half
Weight: 9lb
Type & Colour: White with caramel and brown

M.J. is a year and a half old. LOVES to run run run. She is a Chiweenie..


Age: 5
Weight: 20lb
Type & Colour: Golden Retriever Dachshund
Hello, my name is Eddie Van Halen and I am a 5 year old Golden Retriever Dachshund mix 🙂 When I am not chasing after my two older sisters, I am busy being a snuggle bug! This will be my first race.


Age: n/a
Weight: 22lb
Type & Colour: Short hair, red
Fast like lighting, powered by stolen chicken wings. Miniature Milo is a sturdy boy with a spicy personality. It’s always a wildcard what happens when Milo gets on the track but he always manages to wiggle his way out of trouble.  ?❤


Age: n/a
Weight: 17lb
Type & Colour: Black & tan tweenie

Chip is a super silly and fun tweenie Dachshund (he was supposed to be a mini, but he took on his father’s champion bloodline) who loves to run around and is deceptively fast!
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