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Power Pick 6

What is Power Pick-6?

A Jackpot Power Pick 6 bet is a betting transaction in which a purchaser of a ticket undertakes to select the official winners of each of six successive races specified. If there is a change of surface in any leg that is NOT made known to the public prior to wagering on that pool closing, that leg will pay on all runners. If there are no winners in any leg of a pool, the entire current days pool is refunded.

That jackpot portion of the pool will only be paid out if there is a single winning ticket that has correctly chosen the official winners of 6 legs. If there are multiple winning tickets they will receive 50% of the net pool for that day. The other 50% will go over into the Jackpot carryover. If there are no tickets that select winners in every leg, then tickets with the most winners will share 50% of the current days net pool, and the remaining 50% will be added to the carryover.

Learn more about CPMA’s Pari-Mutuel Betting Supervision regulations and ARCI model rules.