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Doggy Derby at Woodbine

Jun 30, 2019
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Experience a new breed of racing at Woodbine! The second annual Doggy Derby will feature French Bull Dogs, Coton Du Tulear, Pugs and Dachshunds as they go head-to-head for the championship title and $500 grand prize.

  • Sunday, June 30
  • 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
  • 1:40 PM
  • E.P. Taylor Turf Course
  • 25M
  • Free


$60 doggy entry fee

French Bull Dog


3 qualifying heats (10 contenders ea.)

Following Race One: French Bull Dog Heats 1, 2 & 3
Following Race Three: Pug Heats 1, 2 & 3
Following Race Four: Dachshunds Heats 1, 2 & 3
Following Race Five: 1 championship race (Heat winners from each breed race – 12 total)
Following Champion Race: Awards Ceremony


The Prizes (For each breed)

Winner of Heat 1: $100
Winner of Heat 2: $100
Winner of Heat 3: $100

Winner of Championship Race: $500 + prizes including a swim session at the K9 Aquafitness facility by Bitu’s Pet Services in Brampton
Plus, all contenders receive a doggy gift bag!


Please read waiver and rules & regulations HERE.

Join the waiting list by registering your dog below or call: (416) 675-7223 ext. 1+3327





Weight: 9lb
Type & Colour: Dachshund, Brown
An icon both on and off the field, Ava has stolen the 6ix’s heart with her trademark ears and mischievous smile. A classic competitor defined by grace, precision and an ability to endure – @avathehotdog returns to the track after a bitter third place finish at last years derby. As a veteran racer, Ava brings both elegance and experience to the track. This year, she’s here for gold and nothing less.


Weight: 12lb
Type & Colour: Dachshund, Brown and Tan
Energetic 7 year old dachshund with a brilliant mind of his own that does not take orders from anyone. Can open doors by himself.


Weight: 15lb
Type & Colour: Dachshund, Cream
My name is Ella. I am 3 ½ years old. My mom says I am a very good girl but sometimes I get into trouble for running off with grandma’s socks.
The Canadian Dachshund Rescue found me my forever home and I sometimes go to CDRO events to show everyone how important it is to find doggies like me a safe and happy home. People like my spotted ears and my cowlick that sticks up at the back of my head. I love almost everyone but sometimes I can be a little shy. My favourite things are playing with my toys, chasing butterflies, lying in the sunshine and cuddling in my blankets.
If you cheer me on, I will give you kisses.


Weight: 13lb
Type & Colour: Dachshund, Black and Tan
Flash loves chasing squirrels and rabbits and he certainly lives up to his name!


Weight: 14lb
Type & Colour: Dachshund, Red
Gigi is the happiest, sweetest, funniest little mini Doxie you’ll ever meet. She’s also quite feisty and she’s not afraid of anyone or anything.


Weight: 7.5lb
Type & Colour: Dachshund, Red
Molly is a high spirited, energetic & loving little girl. She loves to cuddle with you on your lap & will love to give kisses. We are blessed to have this sweet dog in our family.


Weight: 11lb
Type & Colour: Dachshund, Fawn
Willis is the Champion from the Woodbine and Fort Erie Dachshund Derbies in 2018. He is unbeaten in all 4 of his starts.


Weight: 17lb
Type & Colour: Dachshund, White and Fawn
Wonder is a 3-year-old affectionate dachshund-chichuawa mix, but don’t let her beaty eyes and tender kisses fool you.  Just as she is aptly named (after Wonder Woman), she can dash across a dog park with impressive enthusiasm as she keeps up chasing even the biggest breeds.



Weight: 20lb
Type & Colour: Pug, Black
Atlas is a male 2 1/2 years old and 20 lbs pug/Boston terrier mix. He loves his bone and his ball, his most cherished possessions!


Weight: 25lb
Type & Colour: Pug, Fawn
Coco is a 7 year old pug who loves to eat and go for car rides. She doesn’t play fetch like normal dogs but she does like her sleep and she will kiss you forever if you let her!


Weight: 17lb
Type & Colour: Pug, Black
Cooper is a 1 yr old black pug and would love to take part in the race!


Weight: 20lb
Type & Colour: Pug, Brindle
Gaia is 2 years old and about 20 lbs. Shes goofy and a bit of a dork and loves people and other dogs. She can be a little shy and timid at first but warms up quickly 🙂


Weight: 13lb
Type & Colour: Pug, Fawn
Leo the pug loves to run like his thoroughbred brother Leo the rabbit! He’s loves the dog park and he’s good with the chicks. He’s a New York bred so watch out you Ontario needs! Let’s go Leo the pug!


Weight: 20lb
Type & Colour: Pug, Tan
Rolly is a 11 month old fawn pug who loves to go to the dog park and run and play


Weight: 35lb
Type & Colour: Pug, Fawn
6 years old, 35lb purebred pug

French Bull Dog


Weight: 32lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, White with Black Face
Bonita Herrera, aka Bonies, is a very friendly three-year-old French Bulldog. She is the Queen B when it comes to socializing at the dog park. Her loves in life consist of belly rubs, long adventurist walks, toys-toys-toys and her GRANDPA!


Weight: 65lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, White and Brindle
Delray is coming on 10 years old now, and shes as fast now as she ever was! We go hiking everyday and she loves it. We cant wait to celebrate her 10th birthday by running in this race!


Weight: 18lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Cream
Eva is a 3 year old very small Frenchie full of spunk!


Weight: 35lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Red Fawn
Gus is a two year old French Bulldog, who is full of energy, and loves to run and play with other dogs. Coming all the way from Barrie ON, Gus is a full time construction dog that goes to work every day with his dad.


Weight: 25lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Black Brindle
Henley was born July 11, 2017. He lives with his sister Lola (a rescue cat) and his mommy and daddy in Oakville. In his spare time, Henley likes walks in the park, eating watermelon, hanging with his buds at puppy daycare and when not sleeping, chasing his sister around the house. Henley is currently single.


Weight: 21lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Brown and White
Hi! I’m Hugo, I’m quick and intense! I’m 3 years old and my favourite thing is to hike.


Weight: 38lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Black Brindle
Joe is a 3yr old Frenchie. He loves going on walks and chasing bunnies. When he’s not being active, he likes to sleep, snore and fart so just your typical French Bulldog!


Weight: 30lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Fawn
Like all Tribbiani’s, Joey loves pizza and meatball sandwiches. His favourite pass time other then eating is napping and snooting about.


Weight: 30lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Brindle
Hi my name is Josh. I’m a 30 lb, 3 year old, male brindle French Bulldog. I’m a super friendly fun loving guy who enjoys spending time with my humans and other dogs. I am very spoiled as I get to spend my days with Grandpa while my parents are at work. I have a lot of energy and love playing and meeting new friends.


Weight: 25lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Brindle
Lloyd’s favorite toy is a ball and he loves to play fetch and wrestle his brother Willy!


Weight: 26lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Brown
Hilarious personality with a heart of gold!


Weight: 28lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Brindle
Pepper is a two year old French Bulldog who loves to run and play! She would love the chance to compete against other pups and participate in the races!


Weight: 30lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Blue
Roxy is 4 years old. She loves to run and is the most active frenchie I’ve ever seen! She is a 2 time Frenchie Flash Race champion (2017 & 2019) at Toronto Woofstock.


Weight: 10lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Fawn
Don’t let her small size fool you. This Ukrainian import is a little fireball that is gunning for the top prize!


Weight: 36lb
Type & Colour: French Bull Dog, Fawn with black mask and white chest
Winston is a two year old French Bulldog. He enjoys zooming around at the dog park with his furry friends and in the backyard with his trusty blue Jolly Ball. When Winston isn’t feeling those zoomies, he loves to nap and snuggle with his hoomans. Winston enjoys the finer things in life, like aged cheddar cheese and beef tripe. He can’t wait to zoom around with his Frenchie pals at the Derby!!


PLEASE NOTE: Dogs not participating in Woodbine’s Doggy Derby will not be permitted onsite. Participating dogs will not be permitted in the grandstand; all accessible areas are outside the facility.

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