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New Website Frequently Asked Questions

We have updated and in order to provide a better, more intuitive user experience to our online guests. In addition to being cleaner, easier to navigate, and mobile-friendly, the website also reflects the new Woodbine branding speaking to the guest experience and vision for the future we have here.

Unfortunately, the old and websites are now offline and no longer available, however, all the old features available have been brought over to the new website, along with some new features.

  • The new website is mobile-friendly
  • Less clicks to get what you want
    • High demand content has all been moved to a single page
  • Interactive stats & leaderboards
  • More video content
  • Fully accessible

At this early stage of website release, this valuable is extremely helpful to us in order to fix issues and bugs and get the site working as it’s intended to. If you could describe this issue in detail (and even better, provide a screenshot) this would be a big help to getting this site working as planned. [Note: please record feedback in the “Contact Us” section found in the footer of the websites).

1. VIDEO LIVE STREAM PAGE 1. “Watch Races box” in the block Navigation on homepage
2. Free Program Downloads 2. Website top ticker bar – right side location/ Raceday page= Quick links
3. Racing homepage 3. Horseracing > Raceday Page (all Racing info on one page)
4. Handicapping Resources page 4. Horseracing> Handicapping page
5. Live Racing Schedule 5. Horseracing> Raceday Page = Under “Schedules”
6. Racing Selections page 6. Horseracing> Raceday Page = Under “Racing Schedules”
7. Condition Books 7. Horseracing> Horsepeople = Under” Condition Books”
8. Thoroughbred Videos 8. “Watch Races box” in the block Navigation on homepage/ Quick links on the Handicapping page
9. Pools and Carryover 9. Homepage = Pools and Carryover

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