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Woodbine Valet

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Experience the convenience and peace of mind with our 24-hour valet parking services, where our professional team ensures the safety of your vehicle.
Hotel/Casino Valet is Available 24/7. Racing Valet returns on April 27, 2024.

Woodbine Valet Locations

Woodbine Valet is available at the following locations:

Racing Valet (Gate 10)

To Return April 27, 2024

Hotel/Expansion Casino Valet

24 hours 7 Days a week

Woodbine Valet Pricing

Woodbine Valet’s price at the following locations:

Racing Valet (Gate 10)


Hotel/Casino Valet


Pricing is subject to change. King’s Plate and other signature event pricing will vary.

Woodbine Valet Parking Process

Woodbine Valet has the following process:

Check in your vehicle with a valet attendant. The new valet entrance is located at the Hotel entrance.

You will receive your reusable valet card when you drop off your vehicle.

Request your vehicle with a valet cashier at the valet booth by the hotel entrance, or with a staff member at the gift shop by Gate 10, or by texting 8000 to 647-560-3732.

Request your vehicle and pay in person.