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Airport Employment Zone Coalition endorses regional transit centre at Toronto Pearson

April 5, 2017

April 4, 2017 – The Airport Employment Zone (AEZ) Coalition today welcomes findings from a study commissioned by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) that demonstrate how improved transit in the West Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA), specifically the development of a regional transit centre at Toronto Pearson, could unlock significant benefits for residents, workers and businesses in the surrounding area and across the region.

The Coalition represents individuals, industries, employers, labour groups and other organizations dedicated to improving transit connectivity to the western Greater Toronto Area, a region currently experiencing some of the longest –and growing– commute times in Canada. The Coalition explains that this is having a detrimental effect quality of life and economic opportunities for local businesses and workers.

Of particular interest to the Coalition are findings that demonstrate how a regional transit centre at Toronto Pearson could facilitate high frequency service by bundling ridership on existing transit lines that pass by the airport area, making public transportation more viable for commuters in the surrounding area. This will make regional businesses more competitive by helping them attract and retain top talent, while also facilitating better movement of goods.

The AEZ is the second largest employment cluster in Canada, outside of Toronto’s downtown. This area includes Mississauga’s Airport Corporate Centre, Greater Toronto Area hotels, Humber College, Woodbine Racetrack, the community of Malton, as well as the industrial and commercial areas in the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton. With upwards of 300,000 employees, this area has more employees than the downtown employment zones of Vancouver, Calgary or Montreal.


“Crucial investment in public transit infrastructure is necessary for airport workers, travellers, and all residents of the western GTA and GTHA. A regional transit centre at Toronto Pearson is about our communities working and growing together."

Steven Tufts, Airport Workers’ Council

"The importance of improving transit connectivity to the Airport Corporate Centre (ACC) and broader Airport Employment Zone cannot be underestimated. The ACC is home to 90% of Mississauga’s jobs, yet is significantly underserved by transit. A regional centre that stimulates new and improved transit to the AEZ is a critical step to help get people to and from work more efficiently, and one that is welcomed by us."

Noah Gordon, Director of Portfolio Management for Menkes Developments and Chair of the Airport Corporate Centre Landowners Group

“Increased high order transit will contribute greatly to the quality of life for those working and living in the Airport Employment Zone. We are in support of the GTAA’s plan to connect more people more efficiently to their jobs in the region.”

Jessica Buckley, VP Community Relations & Corporate Affairs, Woodbine Entertainment Group

“A significant investment into the transit infrastructure around the Airport has long been long overdue. It improves connectivity, reduces traffic congestion and pollution, and promotes commercial activity to the surrounding communities and the overall Greater Toronto region.”

Sam Kohli, Chair, Malton Business Improvement Area

About the Airport Employment Zone Coalition

The Airport Employment Zone Coalition is dedicated to improving transit connectivity to the western Greater Toronto Area, specifically the Airport Employment Zone (AEZ) around Toronto Pearson International Airport. Current members include the Airport Corporate Centre Landowners Group, Humber College, Malton Business Improvement Area, Partners in Project Green, The Greater Toronto Hotel Association, Toronto Airport Workers Council, Toronto Pearson International Airport and Woodbine Entertainment Group.

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