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Meet the field for Saturday’s Art Battle

July 12, 2018

TORONTO, July 12, 2018 – Woodbine will serve as the backdrop for Saturday’s Art Battle, an international painting competition featuring eight incredible artists that will transform blank canvases into beautiful works of art live trackside.

Artists will face off in the live Art Battle, creating acrylic paintings during time-limited rounds. Patrons will have the opportunity to watch the creative process, vote on the winner and purchase their favourite pieces of art via a silent auction following the competition.

Posted by Art Battle on Tuesday, June 26, 2018


The afternoon of live art and horse racing begins at 1 p.m. General admission tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance or $15 at the gate. To purchase tickets, click here.

Meet the field of talented artists who will be participating in Art Battle at Woodbine:

Morgan Booth

Morgan Booth is a painter and arts organizer currently based in Toronto. Her work calls to the subtle moments between release and tension that is experienced in the contemplation of self. Through work with many National and International charity and aid initiatives, Morgan advocates a greater voice for creativity in connecting people with positive change. Morgan is a two-time Art Battle Champion, currently serving as Manager of Artist Communications for Art Battle.

>> Instagram

Katrina Canedo 

Artist Katrina Canedo seeks to find beauty in the strange and peculiar. Blending surrealist themes with feminine grace and quiet power, Katrina creates works that are at once eerie and beautiful. A 2017 Art Battle Canada National Finalist and multiple event Champion, Katrina’s performance paintings come to life with skill and urgency.

>> Website // Instagram

Peter Chan

Peter Chan’s work focuses on the exploration of the possibilities of self-reflection within different conditions of life. Intrigued by the natural challenges of the human condition and longing and attachment, his current paintings depict figures in deep solitary thought or within the context of relationships. Peter uses light and shadow as important metaphorical devices in enhancing the dramatic moment of each narrative. Peter Chan has been painting with Art Battle since 2013 with his skillful and considered work earning him the All Star title.

>> Website // Instagram

Sarah Deas

Sarah Deas’ current series of work is inspired by her time living in the Australian outback where she became inspired by the rich history of culture. Painting in a realist style, Sarah marries the conceptual elements of her work to the physical ones often painting directly on found wood. Sarah is a multi-event winner in Toronto having painted in the 2017 and 2018 City Final events.

>> Instagram

Paul Dolgov

Paul Dolgov is a Toronto-based fine artist and illustrator, who creates natural worlds and landscapes that invite the viewer to escape into fields of colour. After graduating from the Orenburg Academy of Fine Arts, as well as the Academy of Design in Toronto, Paul continues to create contemporary works and exhibit extensively. Paul is an Art Battle All-Star who has been painting with Art Battle since 2014.

>> Website // Instagram

Branislav Dordevic

Using his work as an invitation into a menagerie of thoughts and emotions, Branislav Dordevic strives to strike the balance of colour and composition that will allow for an organic emotional response from his viewers. Branislav is an All-Star artist and has won multiple Art Battle events.

>> Website // Instagram

Julie Gladstone

Julie Gladstone’s layered and textural abstract oil paintings reconfigure Romantic Landscape painting with a contemporary neo-pop palette and explore our culture’s paradoxical relationship to nature. Julie is an experienced Art Battle artist and All-Star, bringing her unique intuitive energy to the canvas.

>> Website // Instagram

Chris Perez

Reflecting his personal experiences with the urban and natural atmosphere, Toronto artist Chris Perez creates abstract and gestural works vibrating with emotional energy. His current focus is in translating images of floral arrangements into abstract forms that revive a feeling of natural fluidity that resonates within nature. Chris is an Art Battle All-Star artist and has been painting in Art Battle since 2012.

>> Website // Instagram

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