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In Memory of Conrad Belaire

August 24, 2018

By: Tom Cosgrove for

TORONTO, August 24, 2018 – Long-time Thoroughbred horseman Conrad Belaire passed away recently. His death occurred just a few weeks short of his 84th birthday.

Mr. Belaire first came to Woodbine in 1967 and immediately went to work for Mort Hardy, himself a prominent trainer and long-time fixture on the track backstretch. Mr. Hardy also died earlier this year.

Hardy would become Belaire’s mentor early on and eventual business partner later. It was under Hardy’s tutelage that Belaire would obtain his own trainer’s license in 1973.

Belaire would go on to operate a modest but successful stable made up mostly of claiming horses but some higher-level performers were in the mix as well.

Official records since 1991 show his horses were entered to race 963 times and 92 were winners. His record in first to fifth finishes happened 529 times, resulting in a 54.9 percentage. It meant Belaire’s charges were always competitive!

The list of owners he trained for since ’91 included G.D.S. Stable, Triple C Stable, William McGowan, Cyril Simek, CR Stables, and Mr. Hardy himself.

“He simply loved the horses and the track,” said Jason Belaire, his nephew.

“Basically, his life was all about Woodbine,” he concluded.

For a true Ontario horseman, nothing further need be said.

Conrad A. Belaire (1934-2018) 

Rest in Peace

Conrad Belaire (far right), pictured in the winner’s circle last year at Woodbine. (Michael Burns Photo)
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