Woodbine Weekend

Saturday, August 24 & Sunday, August 25, 2019

  • Registration opens Friday, July 26, 2019
  • Buy-in for $350 ($100 for bankroll + $250 for prize pool)
  • Live bankroll – Day 1 bankroll will be carried over to Day 2
  • 2 NTRA National Horseplayers Championship seats​ (est. $2.9 million purse)​​

Note new location for this tournament is in the Northern Dancer Room which is on the 5th floor at the west end (Gate 10).  Enter through the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame and follow the signs that will direct you to the Northern Dancer elevator.

How to Enter

Registration opens Friday, July 26, 2019

HPIbet members can enter and pay through their accounts

Friday, July 26 to 4:00 p.m. Thursday, August 22, 2019
Sign In

Woodbine Racetack Player Services Desk, 2nd floor

Friday, July 26 to Friday, August 23, 2019
11:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

Greenwood Player Services Rep

Friday, July 26 to Friday, August 23, 2019
11:30 a.m until midnight

Sue Clark at 416-675-7223, 1-888-675-7223 ext. 2513, or sck@woodbine.com

Friday, July 26 to 4:00 p.m. Friday, August 23, 2019

Tournament registration desk in the Northern Dancer Room

Saturday, August 24, 2019
9:30 a.m. until the minimum number of required Tournament races are remaining

Quick Reference Guide

What you’ll need to play

  • Your account card (to be provided upon Tournament Check-In)
  • Your secret PIN (default PIN is 1234)
  • Woodbine, Saratoga & Gulfstream race program (to be provided free of charge at Tournament)
  • Daily Racing Form (to be provided free of charge at Tournament)
  • Your picks!

Tracks which are eligible for wagering in this Tournament

Woodbine, Saratoga & Gulfstream only

MINIMUM of five races with a minimum bet of $10/race each day

At least three of the five races bet must be on Woodbine. The remaining five races may be on Woodbine, Saratoga or Gulfstream.

How to place a wager in the Tournament

  • Make sure you use the correct Account Card if you have more than one entry (Card A, Card B, Card C)
  • Find a Tournament self-serve terminal, identified by Tournament signage.  Regular machines will not take Tournament wagers and will not accept Tournament Account Cards.
  • Swipe Card and Enter PIN
  • Select Woodbine, Saratoga or Gulfstream
  • Select the race you would like to wager on, if not the current race
  • Select your bet type.  The ONLY eligible bet types are Win, Place, Show, Exactor and Daily Double
  • Select your bet amount
  • Select your horse #
  • If you would like a paper record of your bets, press “Finish with Receipt”

Please remember

  • DO NOT WITHDRAW any cash from your Account Card until you are finished wagering after the second day, as it will not be able to be re-deposited.  Any withdrawals will not be reflected on your balance in the leaderboard standings.
  • The same Account Card will be used for both days.  DO NOT withdraw your balance after the first day.  Remember to bring your Account Card back for use on the second day.
  • ONLY  Win, Place, Show Exactor and Daily Double bets are permitted in this tournament
  • You must wager on a minimum of five (5) races with a minimum bet of $10/race.
    Three (3) of the five (5) races bet must be on Woodbine.
     The remaining five races may be on Woodbine, Saratoga or Gulfstream.
  • You can reinvest your winnings
  • DON’T FORGET to withdraw the balance of your Account Card before you leave on the second day.  All cash on the account is yours to keep.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a laptop to the Tournament?
Yes, but there is limited seating close to electrical outlets so make sure to arrive early.  We suggest you bring a portable battery charger with you, so you don’t have to worry about outlet access.

Is there wireless access?
Yes.  Select “HPIbet”.

Can I bring friends and family into the Venue to watch the Horseplayers Tournament?
No.  Only officially registered Contestants are permitted in the Venue.

What is the PIN on my card?
When you pick up your Tournament Package, your Tournament Account Card will be set to a ‘Change PIN’ mode.  Enter the default PIN ‘1234’, and then you will be prompted to enter your own private PIN.  Keep this private, but don’t forget it.  If forgotten, account services will need to be contacted to reset PIN.

Are there any mandatory races to wager on?
No.  There will be no mandatory races; however, it is required that Contestants must wager on a minimum of five (5) races per day on any of the Tournament tracks, of which three (3) races per day must be Woodbine races. to be eligible to win the Tournament.

What tracks can I wager on?
Woodbine, Saratoga and Gulfstream

What type of wagers can I make?
Win, Place, Show, Exactors and Daily Doubles

Can I wager with my winnings?
Yes, money earned from winning wagers can be reinvested.

I’ve placed my bet, but my Balance on the leaderboard didn’t go down due to my bet.  Why?
The leaderboard will only reflect wins and losses.  Once the results are official, the leaderboard will show either a drop (by the amount of your bet) due to a loss or a rise (by the amount of your winnings) due to the win.

I’ve placed my bet, watched my horse win, but the leaderboard doesn’t reflect my actual Balance or winnings.  What’s wrong?
From the point that results become official, there is a 4-5-minute delay before the leaderboard is updated.  If there are any concerns once results are updated, please advise the administrator on-site.

Will I get a new card on the second day of the tournament?
No, you will not be given a new Tournament Account Card on Day 2.  Please make sure you keep the card that you were assigned on the first day and bring it with you on the second day.  You will use the same card, including the Day 1 bankroll if you wish, to make your wagers on Day 2.

When will I receive the $50 bankroll for the second day of the tournament?
The Day 2 bankroll of $50 will be added to your Day 1 Tournament Account Card when you check-in on Sunday, August 26.  Present your card to the HPIbet representative who will then load the money to your card.

What do I do with the balance on my card at the end of the Tournament Day?
At the end of Day 1 do not remove the balance from your Tournament Account Card.  You will be using the same Tournament Account Card for wagering on Day 2.

The balance on any Tournament Account Card is the property of the Contestant linked to that Account.  The entire balance MUST be withdrawn at the end of the Tournament on Sunday, August 26, 2018.

I’ve won the Tournament.  How do I get my prizing?
Following a 72-hour post-Tournament audit of the winners, to ensure all requirements have been met and that all bets were within the constraints of the Tournament rules, you will be contacted by a representative of Woodbine Entertainment Group with instructions for claiming your prize.

I forgot to withdraw the balance on my Card after the Tournament and now I can’t even access my card.  What’s wrong and how can I get my money?
The Tournament Account Cards are programmed to only work on totes set to Tournament mode.  These Tournament Account Cards will not work on regular self-serve tote machines.  To withdraw any funds on the card, please contact 416-675-3993 or 1-888-675-7223, ext. 2513, and arrangements will be made to retrieve your funds.

Can I keep my Tournament Account Card?
We ask that you withdraw all the funds on your Tournament Account Card and return your card to the administrator following the Tournament for use in future Tournaments.


Woodbine Weekend Handicapping Tournament – August 24 & 25, 2019

Prize Money = $600 to 1st place

Bankroll​ Prize
1st place Giuseppe Petrella $185.40 $600

Prize Money = $600 to 1st place

Bankroll​ Prize
1st place Norman Pettus $852.05 $600

Final Prize Pool = $22,000

1st place – 45%; 2nd place – 22%; 3rd place – 11%; 4th place – 7%; 5th place – 5%;
6th place – 2%; 7th place – 2%; 8th place – 2%; 9th place – 2%; 10th place – 2%

3rd place through 10th place guaranteed $300

Bankroll​ Prize
1st place Norman Pettus $867.55 NHC seat + $3,780
​2nd place Bill Boyd $487.00 NHC seat + $1,848
3rd place Steven Duffield $382.00 $924
4th place Michael Eisen $194.40 $588
5th place Steven Banks $129.00 $420
6th place Francesco Basile $126.60 ​$300
7th place Nick Basile $90.80 ​$300
8th place Leonard Willschick $7.35 ​$300
9th place Jamie Michelson $2.90 ​$300
10th place Steven Banks $2.75 ​$300