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Husbands on the road to recovery

December 20, 2018

TORONTO, December 20, 2018 – Jockey Patrick Husbands shared an update on his road to recovery after his 2018 racing season was cut short when he was injured in a pre-race incident six weeks ago.

The veteran reinsman, who had won 78 races including 10 stakes at Woodbine this year, sustained a fractured pelvis when he was dismounted and crushed by a horse prior to the fifth race on November 5 at Woodbine Racetrack.

Husbands underwent two initial surgeries in early November to repair his pelvis, which was fractured in two places, requiring a metal plate and screws for corrective healing.

“The first 28 days was torture, I didn’t sleep for 28 days,” said Husbands, who was also dealing with a related nerve issue and internal injuries. “I was just suffering, I never experienced pain like that.”

While Husbands’ agonizing four-week stay in hospital was followed by rehabilitation as he learned to walk again, first with the use of a walker before graduating to crutches, he said he is feeling more “normal” these days.

“I’m not in pain, I’m back normal now,” said Husbands. “I was driving the last two weeks. I’m back normal. I’m walking, but I’m just tip-toeing – I’m not putting weight on the legs.”

Currently home resting with family, the multiple Sovereign Award-winning jockey is awaiting follow up appointments with one more surgery to be scheduled in the new year.

“The doctor told me after the surgery I just have to keep quiet for a month and then I’ll be good to go,” said the career winner of 3,285 races. “I’ve got to go back on the 26th [of January] and then get a date for surgery so I just hope the surgery is not in March or end of April.”

Despite all he has endured, Husbands’ passion for the sport of horse racing has not wavered and he can’t wait to return to action next year. “That is part of the sport,” said Husbands, who previously bounced back from a leg injury in 2013 to top the Woodbine jockey standings the following year. “I just love horse racing. It’s just my passion.”

Win the War and jockey Patrick Husbands winning the Duchess Stakes on August 10 at Woodbine. (Michael Burns Photo)
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