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Indulge in Grey Day specials

September 28, 2017

​TORONTO, September 28 – Specialty cocktails and signature dishes will be served up on track to complete the Grey Day experience this Sunday, courtesy of Woodbine’s culinary team.

Guests can sip on the Grey Stakes Cocktail and indulge in apple-themed dishes at Woodbine’s restaurants.

“Our theme here for the Grey Stakes was to celebrate the bountiful harvest of Ontario apples,” said Woodbine’s Chef de Cuisine, Michael Mortensen. “Ontario is actually the biggest apple growing province in Canada and also one of the biggest apple producing provinces in the world. There are more types of apples grown here in Ontario than anywhere else. The Apple Trail is up towards Collingwood where we picked up apples from different apple plantations that we will feature different dishes with here on Sunday."

Sunday’s menu includes a roasted pork with an apple fennel mostarda, apple fritters, apple pie and candy apples, among other delicious offerings.

“To me, it’s just a celebration about amazing apples that’s done the way that apples are supposed to be in the best environment that can possibly grow apples, which is here in Ontario,” said Mortensen.

If you can’t make it to the track and want to throw your own Grey Day viewing party at home, check out the Grey Stakes Cocktail recipe for your enjoyment:

*1 ounce of gin
*3 ounces of lime juice
*3 ounces of Earl Grey Simple Syrup
*Garnish with mint leaf

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