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Jackpot Hi 5 mandatory payout set for December 14

November 15, 2013

TORONTO, November 15 – Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG) today announced that a mandatory payout for the Thoroughbred Jackpot Hi 5 is slated for Saturday, December 14, the penultimate card of the meet. A mandatory Jackpot Hi 5 payout will also be offered on closing day, Sunday December 15.
The Jackpot Hi 5, which currently boasts a carryover of $229,709, requires horseplayers to select the first five finishers in exact order on the last race of the programme.
The Jackpot proviso means that the entire pool pays out only when there is one winning ticket sold that correctly selects the first five finishers in exact order.
Should the Jackpot Hi 5 continue to carryover to December 14 without a winner, a lucrative mandatory payout amount is expected to create a stir among handicappers hoping to share in the pool.
The wager, which offers a 20-cent minimum and a continent-equalling low takeout of 15%, debuted Wednesday, October 9 and has yet to be won by a single winning ticket.
If there is not just one winning ticket, half of the wagering pool is carried over and offered on the next racing card. The other half is paid out in consolation payouts to those Jackpot Hi 5 tickets which have the correct order of finish. If there are no winners of the wager, the entire pool, minus takeout, carries over.
The Jackpot Hi 5 has proven to be a popular addition to the wagering menu. This past Wednesday night, an impressive $49,600 was wagered into the Jackpot Hi 5 pool.
For fans and horseplayers wanting further details on WEG’s Jackpot Hi 5, including details, strategy and carryover info visit

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