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Woodbine Entertainment statement regarding turf racing for the balance of the season

November 15, 2018

TORONTO, November 15, 2018 – Woodbine Entertainment has an established and proud history of being one of the highest rated racetracks for safety in North America. As a National Thoroughbred Racing Association accredited facility, Woodbine Entertainment consistently makes decisions with safety being the highest of priorities.

As part of that commitment to safety, we have a thorough and robust set of surface processes we follow to determine whether it’s safe to run a race on the turf.

In following this process and considering the feedback we received through discussions with the jockeys on Wednesday night, Woodbine Entertainment decided to move this weekend’s scheduled turf races to the Tapeta surface due to the weather forecast resulting in safety concerns.

As for turf racing for the balance of the season, considering the unseasonably cold and wet weather we’ve experienced throughout November, Woodbine Entertainment will begin to integrate incremental monitoring procedures into our processes to further ensure the safety of our track in advance of all remaining turf races.

“Woodbine Entertainment has a very strong relationship with our jockeys and we remain committed to following our process with safety as the top priority,” said Jonathan Zammit, Vice President of Thoroughbred Racing Operations for Woodbine Entertainment.

Turf races are scheduled to be offered through December 2 while the 133-day Thoroughbred meet continues through December 16.

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