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About Past The Wire

Jonathan’s always had a deep love and respect for the Sport of Kings. Growing up around the game, he came about as close as anyone to being born at the racetrack. His Mother was in the stands at Belmont Park the day before he was born. She was back a few days later with Jonathan in a stroller. At 16 he dropped out of school and has pretty much been at the races full time since. Jon had some of the usual childhood racetrack jobs growing up such as mucking stalls, walking hots and rubbing horses. Before he was 20, he enjoyed brief stints as a jockey agent and a mutual clerk like his dad.  Ultimately Jon settled into a life of betting horses and became one of the few to beat the game and make a living playing it. Jonathan is the founder and publisher of Past the Wire and creator of Past the Wire TV. His Trip Notes and Horses to Watch list, Tracking Trips is second to none in the sport.